Our Farm

The Cows

Our dairy cows are the backbone of our operation at Stewart Tower. They produce the key ingredient to what we consider to be the country’s best ice cream. All of our cows at Stewart Tower are Holstein Friesians which means that the majority of our herd are black and white. However, you can also see some red and white Holstein Friesians spread throughout our herd!

Fresh Milk

During the warmer months of late April through to early October, our cows are free to roam and graze wherever they want through the luscious clover-enriched grass fields at Stewart Tower, situated against the backdrop of the Perthshire hills. During the colder months the cows stay warm inside our cow sheds, laying on a deep bed of home produced straw.

The cow’s welfare and comfort are paramount to what we do at Stewart Tower, ensuring a peaceful environment for both animals and people.

The majority of the operations on our farm are dedicated to producing and preserving high quality food for our cows throughout the year. Our cows get straw, grass, barley and wheat that is all produced on the farm. Not only do the cows love it but it also helps reduce our carbon footprint and food miles.


Ensuring the highest standards of care for our cows and our land is essential for our business. We take a progressive approach to farming and over the past 20 years we have carried out various changes in the way we produce milk and grow crops on the farm.

As a mixed farm with livestock we are able to operate a rotational approach to cropping and grazing. The straw based animal housing system we use provides farmyard manure to put back into the soil. This improves soil organic matter, increases carbon capture and helps to reduce the amount of artificial fertiliser we use. We grow cereal crop varieties with enhanced disease resistance characteristics. This helps us to minimise the use of chemical sprays. Over the last 15 years we have incorporated more clover into our grass swards. Clover is a very clever little plant, as not only do our cows love it but it also replaces essential nutrients back into our soil allowing us to work alongside nature and use less artificial fertilisers for grass growth.


Wind Power

Perthshire has an abundance of natural resources and so we decided to take advantage of one of them. We installed a 100Kw wind turbine on the farm. A large proportion of the energy it generates is used on the farm and the surplus is exported back onto the national grid for general use. Wind literally powers everything we do … including making ice cream.

Quality Assurance

Stewart Tower produce is certified under the several assurance schemes – Red Tractor, Scottish Quality Cereals, Quality Meat Scotland and Sainsburys Dairy Development Group.

Educational Visits

We work alongside the Royal Highland Education Trust to host school visits providing free educational activities and learning opportunities linked to Curriculum for Excellence.