Our ice cream.

Ice cream should be a memorable experience and to do this we believe that only the best ingredients should be used to create such an experience.

Our ice cream is made with a total commitment to quality and a genuine passion for what we do. We use an Italian gelato style recipe which we have carefully perfected to balance fresh Stewart Tower milk with Scottish cream and British sugar, the ice cream custard is then frozen in specialist Italian designed batch freezers. The result is a light, creamy product which screams sheer indulgence.

We have a selection of over 250 ice creams and tasty refreshing fruit ices which we rotate throughout the year at our ice cream counter. Imagination is the only restriction to the flavour combinations!!

It’s the freshness of milk we use that really makes our ice cream second to none. Our milk only travels across the yard from our milking parlour to our ice cream parlour, and our cows deliver it in person to us everyday.

There are so many ice cream products available in the market today and it amazes us that not all of them contain milk and cream. Next time you see some of the big brand ice creams read the ingredients label and you may surprise yourself at what you find!

We might be biased but in our experience using fresh local ingredients simply can’t be beaten.

Ice Cream Cakes

What better way to celebrate a special occasion ?

An ice cream cake is a change from a traditional cake and a fun way to serve ice cream. We specialise in creating ice cream cakes that are both mouth-watering and eye-catching and are a huge hit for all types of events.

Cake Selection

Pre-made cakes.

The best way to know what ice-cream cakes are available is to call us on 01738 710044 or pop in and see us in person. We make a selection of ice-cream cakes, sometimes these are seasonal, sometimes we simply feel inspired by something topical.

Custom-made cakes.

We are happy to create a custom made ice-cream cake, created to your particular tastes and always using our fresh gelato style ice cream.
Call us on 01738 710044 or pop in and see us in person.