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The cows are the backbone of the operation at Stewart Tower. Without their fresh milk we would not have the key ingredient to make our ice cream. They are all of Holstein Friesian breed - the majority of which are black and white.

Ideally a cow will calve once a year, which is the trigger for her to start producing milk. She will then milk for approximately 10 months, then have 2 months when she is not milking. The cows are milked twice everyday and are currently averaging 8200 litres per cow per year at a butterfat content of 4.1% and 3.2% protein. To produce this amount of milk the cows have to eat and drink large volumes of food and water. A lot of the operations we do on the farm are involved in producing and preserving feeding crops in order to feed the cows throughout the year.

The cows go out to grass in early May - only coming in for milking and extra feeding. They are housed inside from mid October when the weather gets colder and the grass stops growing. During winter the cow’s diet is based on conserved grass, wheat and barley which is produced on the farm during the Spring and Summer. The straw from these crops is used for the cows to lie on in the shed during the winter.


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