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The Ice Creams...

Our ice cream is made with a total
commitment to quality and a genuine
love for what we do.

While there are currently many products on the market calling themselves ice cream, not all of them are the genuine article. The ice cream we produce at Stewart Tower is made to an Italian gelato-style recipe. The UK market is predominantly supplied with ‘hard’ American style ice creams which tend to have a higher fat content and are not as light and creamy in texture as the gelato we make here.

The ‘creaminess’ of the ice cream we produce is a direct result of the speed with which the product is frozen rather than its fat content. When a product is frozen quickly the ice crystals produced are much smaller and more densely packed. The size of the crystals influences the ‘grainy’ texture of the ice cream on your tongue. By producing ice cream in a high capacity batch freezer we are able to minimise the size of the ice crystals resulting in a smooth and creamy texture.


At last count, we are currently producing almost 200 different flavours of ice cream. From some of the old favourites like Raspberry Ripple, Mint Choc Chip and Rum and Raisin we have now expanded our range to cater for the more discerning palate - introducing new flavours like Bakewell Tart, Perthshire Cream Tea, Creamy Scottish Fudge, Orange Marmalade Cheesecake, Sorrento Lemon and Amaretti Biscuit or Yoghurt, Raspberry and Muesli.

In addition to this we have a range of seasonal flavours - Crème Egg, Pumpkin Pie or some old festive favourites - Christmas Pudding, Stollen Cake, Brandy Butter or Mince Pie.

We also produce a range of fruit ices such as Green Apple, Elderflower or Tropical Fruit which are 100% dairy free, contain no fat and are suitable for those who are lactose intolerant.

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